Last Updated on A 23, 2021

Our Privacy Policy has been designed to inform users who have concerns about usage of their personal information.

1. Acceptance of This Privacy Policy:

User access to will be considered as acceptance of our Privacy Policy terms. We may modify, change or revise our Privacy Policy without notice.

2. User Information:

Users are not required to register to in order to make a purchase or sale. If user have concerns about sharing personal details or identification, we may provide a different channel to finalize your request. 

3. Handling Personal Information:

BERAccounts will not disclore or share any personal information or document by third parties. If user grant us a consent to share his personal details, we may either partially or completely share personal details with third parties.

4. Store of Personal Information:

We secure sensitive informations and documents of users in a private cloud storage that is secured with 256-bit SSL.


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