Last Updated on Aug 26, 2021

BERAccounts serves as an online marketplace to users with purpose of digital item and service trading. BERAccounts is not associated, affiliated or endorsed by Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. Aforementioned brand names, copyrights, trademarks and other applicable materials used on this website are not BERAccount's personal property. 

World of Warcraft and World of Warcraft Classic are registered trademarks of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. 

1. Applicability:

Users who have use or access to our website (www.BERAccounts.com) will be considered as accepted our Terms of Service. 

We may change, modify or update our Terms of Service section anytime without notice.

2. Terms of Service for Sellers:

To sell a product to BERAccounts;

Seller has to confirm his authority, necessary rights and consent on aforementioned product.

Seller has to provide a valid identification document (Government issued ID card, driver's license or passport) as proof of ownership.

We may request additional personal information (phone number, adress and mail adress) for safety and lawful purposes. 

Seller must be eligible to use a personal bank account for receive the payment.

3. Selling Process:

If you agreed to sell a product to BERAccounts, you will require to provide certain informations to our vendor such as;

Mail adress of the aforementioned product, password, secret question, secret answer, registered country of the account, registered first and last name of the account.

Government issued ID, driver's license or passport. (We may require additional personal information and screenshots.)

Your bank details and personal adress.

We keep sensitive personal informations in our highly secured seperated drivers. BERAccounts will not share your personal informations without your consent, request or confirmation.

After sell a product to us, you will be responsible for further assistance if needed. In case of an account recovery, you will be held responsible for refund, damage and compensation.

4. Partners and Associates:

BERAccounts is not affiliated with any other parties or websites. We offer our services only under brand of BERAccounts.com, EpicNPC, Ownedcore and G2G. We do also offer our services on multiply local websites.

5. Payment Methods:

Depends on your payment method choice, additional discounts or fees may apply. 

● Crypto Currencies, International Bank Transfers, Wise (Formerly Transferwise), Western Union, Payoneer, G2G, Paysend.

6. Buyback Service:

Even if we do not offer a refund, we provide Buyback Service to our customers that can be used seamlessly. Buyback Service is allowing you to sell your account back to our vendor. 

 If you accept our buyback offer, you will be paid in same business day without wait for a buyer to getting paid. 

 We do not buyback modified, changed or damaged accounts.

 We do not accept forceful buyback service requests in any circumstances.

 Not only accounts but also seperated characters can be offered to us via Buyback Service.

 BERAccounts doesn't guarantee that every customer will be able to use our Buyback Service.

7. Consignlement Selling Service:

Consignlement Selling Service does not require you to share your account details with us. In some cases, we may require to gain account access for marketing, verification and inspection purposes only. Consignlement Selling Service is allowing you to sell your account via our vendor.

 If you decide to use our Consignlement Selling Service, you will be paid after we find a buyer for your account.

 Accounts on our Consignlement Selling Service cannot be listed by any other vendor or user. 

 Not only accounts but also characters can be listed via our Consignlement Selling Service.

 BERAccounts doesn't guarantee that every customer will be able to use our Consignlement Selling Service.