Payment Plans

BERAccounts is one of the few MMO account marketplaces that offers flexible payment schedules to his customers. We do design completely unique and custom payment plans to fit every customer's individual needs. Terms and conditions may apply.

Terms and Conditions

The longest duration for a payment plan is 60 days. You can extend your payment plan duration with additional cost.

●  %25 of the total summary has to be paid to gain account access. Otherwise, account will be put on layaway until you pay required amount to gain account access.

●  Consignment sales are not available for payment plans.

●  If your payment plan request is approved, your purchase will be organized outside of the website with partial payments.

●  Payment plans are contractual agreements. Once you enter into that agreement, you cannot change, abandon or cancel. This will result in a nonnegotiable forfeiture of the payments you already made.

●  We do not suggest you to enter to a payment plan if you are financially unstable. We will not refund you if you suddenly unable to pay.

●  You are responsible to make your payments in time. We do not terminate your payment plan as long as you have a reasonable explanation for your late payment. In these cases, additional costs can be apply.

●  You will not be able to modify mail, password or secret answer of the account until your payment plan is completed.

Off-site reputation includes feedback you have received on places like eBay, or gaming marketplace forums like PlayerAuctions, EpicNPC, Scythe, or OwnedCore. This is not required, but providing a link to your off-site reputation can help increase the chance of your payment plan request being approved.