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1012 - Scarab Lord - the Undying - Warlock Legion MT - Black Qiraji Battle Tank - Black Qiraji War Tank

TITLESScarab Lord*Bloodsail AdmiralField Medic*the Insane*the Undying*ACHIEVEMENTS23.000 Achievement Points including;Agent of the Shen'dralar*Insane in the Membrane*Hero of Shattrath*TRANSMOGSWarlock..

1013 - Holy Paladin - 253 Item Level - 2x Gladiator Mounts in Bags - PvP Weapon Enchants & Elite Appearences

HOLY PALADIN243 Item Level PvE253 Item Level PvP262 BIS LegendaryTRANSMOGSUnchained Gladiator's Elite Plate Appearence*Notorious Gladiator's Tabard*Corrupted Gladiator's Tabard*Corrupted Gladiator's C..

1014 - Scarab Lord - Corrupted Ashbringer - Plague Bearer - 4x Realm First - 21.250 AP - Black Qiraji War Tank - Big Blizzard Bear

SCREENSHOTSTITLESScarab Lord*Death's Demise*The Celestial Defender*Champion of the Naaru*Conqueror*Justicar*Darkspear RevolutionaryHand of A'dal*Servant of N'Zothof the Iron Vanguardthe Chosen*the Imm..

1015 - Warlock - 2x Famed Slayer - 20x Cutting Edge - 4x KSM - 2x CM - Rare Mounts

TITLESFamed Bane of the Banshee Queen*Famed Slayer of N'Zoth*of the Black Harvest*of the Iron Vanguardthe Alliance Slayer*the Awakened*the Chosen*the Eternalthe Purifierthe Undaunted*ACHIEVEMENTS21.20..

1017 - Paladin - Rank 1 Wild Gladiator - Arena Master - 5x Gladiator - 2x CM - PvP Collection

SCREENSHOTSTITLESWild Gladiator (Paladin Only)*Arena Master*of the Iron Vanguardthe Undaunted*TRANSMOGSRogue Mist of Pandaria Challenge Mode 'Silent Assassin' Appearence*Mage Mist of Pandaria Challeng..

1018 - Shaman - T3 Hunter - Rhok'delar - Justicar - 5x Cutting Edge - Elite Appearences - Swift Zulian Tiger - Magic Rooster

SHAMAN250 Item Level (PvE)255 Item Level (PvP)262 Item Level BIS LegendaryCodex Reputation Tier 47500 Soul Ash - 2800 Soul Cinders5700 Stygia - 23 Stygian EmberTITLESBreaker of Chains*BaronChampion of..

1019 - Scarab Lord Earner - Plague Bearer - 4x Realm First - 2x CE - 21.250 AP - Black Qiraji War Tank

SCREENSHOTSTITLESScarab Lord*Death's Demise*The Celestial Defender*Champion of the Naaru*Darkspear RevolutionaryHand of A'dal*Servant of N'Zothof the Iron Vanguardthe Chosen*the Immortal*the Undying*A..

1021 - Rogue - Azeroth's Champion - 34.500 AP - 585 Mounts - 5x Gladiator - Swift Spectral Tiger - Transmog Collection

TITLES Azeroth's Champion*Arena Master*Battlemaster*Bound by Honor*Chef Conqueror of AzerothContender Esteemed*Expedition Leader* Field Medic* Gorgeous* Hand of A'dal* Junkyard* Khan* Prospector Serva..

1022 - Justicar - T3 - 14x Cutting Edge - 4x Gladiator - CE - 701 Mounts - Complete Mount & Pet Collection

SCREENSHOTSTITLESJusticar*Bound by Honor*Conqueror*Champion (Earned the title, "Champion" at level 60.)*Esteemed*General (Earned the title, "General" at level 60.)*Gladiator*Hand of A'dal*Legionnaire ..

1023 - Priest - The Immortal - 4x Realm First - Benediction / Anathema - WoD CM

Note: Everything listed below follows the character.TITLESDeath's Demise*Obsidian Slayer*the Magic Seeker*Conqueror of Naxxramas*Centurion (Earned the title, "Centurion" at level 60.)*Champion of the ..

1024 - Warrior - Scarab Lord - Icebane Set - T3 - Widow's Remorse - Black Qiraji Battle Tank - Black Qiraji War Tank

SCREENSHOTSTITLESScarab Lord*Champion of the Naaru*Hand of A'dal*Predator*of the Iron Vanguardthe Undaunted*TRANSMOGSIcebane Set*Warrior Tier 3 'Dreadnaught' Appearence*Warlords of Draenor Challenge M..

1026 - Scarab Lord – Tyrael’s Hilt - Phenomenal Cosmic Power - OG CE's - Black Qiraji Battle Tank - Swift Zulian Tiger

SCREENSHOTSTITLES Scarab Lord*Azeroth's Champion*Battlemaster* Conqueror*Conqueror of Azeroth*Draenei Destroyer*Darkspear RevolutionaryJunkyard*Legend of Pandariaof the Iron Vanguardthe Undaunted*the ..

1027 - Warrior - Corrupted Ashbringer (In Bag) - Tier 3 Dreadnaught Set (In Bag) - 2x Realm First - Legendary Weapons

ACHIEVEMENTSRealm First! Obsidian Slayer*Realm First! Magic Seeker*The Fifth ElementTRANSMOGSCorrupted Ashbringer (In Bag)*Warrior T3 ‘Dreadnaught’ Set (In Bags)*Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Wind..

1031 - Warrior - Khan - Justicar - Primal & Grievous Elite - Weapon Enchants - Gladiator Tabards

Note: Features listed below comes with character. TITLESGorgeous*Justicar*Khan*Lady of War*Private (Earned at level 60)*Tarren Mill Terror*of the Iron Vanguardthe Indomitable*the Undaunted*A..

948 - Warrior - 259 Item Level - Primal Elite - Grievous Elite - WoD CM - PvP Enchants

TRANSMOGSWarrior Warlords of Draenor Season 1 Primal Elite Set (7/7)*Warrior Mist of Pandaria Season 14 Grievous Elite Set (7/7)*Warrior Shadowlands Season 2 Unchained Elite Set*Warlords of Draenor Ch..
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