BERAccounts are proud to be offer payment plan schedules for products that is purchased through our vendor.

Terms and Conditions

The longest period for a payment plan is 60 days. Only accounts that is not listed as consiglement offers are eligible for a payment plan.

You can extend timeframe of your payment plan with paying additional fees.

Minimum of %25 of the total payment has to be paid by buyer for being able to gain account access

If we accept your payment plan request, requested product will be removed from our website and it will be reserved for you. 

Payment plans cannot be changed, cancelled or abandoned after it is started. We do not suggest people to apply for a payment plan unless they are aware of risks and rewards of the system

In case of a failed payment plan, we will not refund for payments that you have already made

You are not able to modify account details (Mail, password, secret answer, registered name, country) until paymen plan is successfully completed

Fraudelent attempts, Using illegal softwares or involving to in-game real money trading (gold, boosting, services) will void our payment plan agreement immediately. We hide our rights for being able to take required actions if needed.