Middleman Service

World of Warcraft Middleman Service

● We provide our middleman service in every game that is requested.

 We charge %5 of the total amount that is going to be exchanged.

● If middlemanship fees cost lesser than 15 Euro, we will still charge 15 Euro regardless of the total amount.

 If you decide to use our middleman service, you may contact us via Discord, Skype or Whatsapp.

● We do not hold funds in Paypal exchanges.

 If you have a question regarding buy a service, contact us for further assistance. 



1. Middlemanship fees needs to be deposited. 

2. Buyer deposit his funds to BERAccounts.

3. Seller deliver his account to BERAccounts for further inspection. (We use unique and matching VPN adresses for each account.)

4. Buyer confirms that this is the product he wants to buy and gets his delivery.

5. Seller getting paid directly via BERAccounts.



Discord: BERAccounts.com#1111 (for New Customers)

Discord: beraccounts (for Old Customers)

Skype: kyradin336

Whatsapp: +90 537 592 80 18

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