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To sell your WoW Classic account, please fill the form below. Do not put yourself and your account into risk by trying to sell your account anywhere else. BERAccounts is here to make your selling process as easiest and efortless as possible. We do respect your privacy and decision of selling your WoW Classic account after long years of playing. Besides, we are giving you the highest payout on the market.

How To Sell World of Warcraft Classic Account

●  Fill out our application form correctly and entirely. Please be as explanatory as possible for us to appraise your WoW Classic account accurately.

●  Due to a large number of forms being submitted daily, it can take several hours for your application to be reviewed.

●  If we are interested in purchasing your WoW Classic account, we will reach at you via mail or your preferred communication channel to finalize the process.

●  If you agree with our offer, we will secure your WoW Classic account, verify if all information given are accurate and complete the payment process on the same business day. Unlike other vendors, BERAccounts does not make you wait for a buyer to be found before getting paid. We do also offer consignment sales if that is requested or expressly needed. If you have a question, click here to contact with us.

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